Mixing - Cinema (Documentary and Fiction)
Mixing - Television Shows
Mixing - Television and Radio Advertising
Mixing - Multimedia for Museums and Interpretation Centers
Mixing - Corporate and institutional video
Adaptation and Dubbing - Cinema (Documentary and Fiction)
Vocal Superimposition - Documentary and Television Shows
Voice Over Recording
Sound Design and Editing

Music Library:
More than 350 000 musical pieces in all genres, royalty-free. Our music library is constantly updated.

Sound Design:
We have a library of more than 150 00 sound effects.
We also record Foley and design specific sound effects. Our sound designers have the know-how and experience to combine ambiances and textures to create unique and realistic sonic environments.

Music and Jingle Composition and Production:
Your production deserves original music. We compose and produce musical soundtracks in surround, based on your aesthetics and needs for your advertising, documentary, short film or feature production project.

Audio Project Management:
We can take up all the production steps of your project to manage workflows or interactions with other departments. We provide a true turnkey experience.

Voice Casting:
We can find the exact voice that will fit your project and carry your message : In French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin and many other languages.
Studio SFX maintains a vast library of voice talents to offer.

Source Connect:
This system allows real-time remote recording sessions worldwide. Wether to locally record a talent that is out of town, remotely record a local talent or even to listen in on a session happening elsewhere, all bases are covered.

Translation Services:
We collaborate with experimented translation professionals working in many languages to adapt content for new markets while preserving its integrity, whatever the medium.

Sound Restoration:
Our qualified technicians can restore your legal or archive audio documents to a modern and usable state.