The studio sees the light of day in 1996. Its creation is the logical end of 15 years' experience of its founder, Pierre Rousseau, in radio production for popular shows like Le Zoo and La Jungle.

Quickly, Studio SFX goes to work on elaborate, precise and powerful sonic content using its experience and a personalized style.

Numerous regional and national production professionals now rely on our team to take up all the steps of the production of the audio content for their projects.

The assurance of having, at every step of the production, impeccable workmanship and quality control has convinced many clients to work with us for the recording and mixing of their projects. (Macgillivray Freeman Films, National Geographic, Stephen Low Company, SK Films and Nwaves Tahiti 3D, Legends of Flight 3D, Grand Canyon 3D, Coral Reef, Force de la Nature, Bugs 3D et Mystère du Nil)

Over the years, Studio SFX has received prestigious prizes and nominations, such as:

2010 - Best Short Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

Production : De l'eau glacée dans les veines

2010 - Special Mention of the Jury at the Festival International d'Annonay France

Production : à l'Ouest de Pluton

2008 - Francophone Excellence Prize

Production : L'alliance pour l'enfant et la télévision for the show Prêt pas Prêt.

2007 - Gemeaux nomination for Best Youth Show

Production : émission Prêt pas Prêt

2006 - DTS (Digital Theater System) Special Mention - Surround Sound Mixing.

Production : Adrenaline Rush

(The films included on the DVD are: Robots, Fantastic Four, Moulin Rouge, Peter Gabriel, The Transporter, Eagles et Adrenaline Rush.)

2004 - Special Jury Prize at Geode Film Festival in Paris and Best In Festival Prize at OmniFest Film Festival in Minneapolis

Production: Adrenaline Rush

Behind all the projects bearing the Studio SFX signature, there is the team

PIERRE ROUSSEAU – President, Sound Designer and Mixer
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Pierre Rousseau, Founder and President, started out in radio postproduction and quickly established himself as a creative technical artisan. He is now recognized the world over for the sound design and audio postproduction of many IMAX productions (Dinosaurs 3D, Giants of Patagonia - Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk - Vikings: Journey to New Worlds - Ultimate G'S 3D ). His vision and approach based on the respect of clients' vision, whatever the nature and scope of the project, assures a personal and authentic dimension to all productions.

OLIVIER AURIOL – Composer, Sound Designer and Mixer
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After 8 years' time studying and working in the United States, Olivier Auriol settled down in Quebec City in 1997 and started a successful career as a composer and sound designer in the audio postproduction industry. Since then, he has worked tirelessly on the composition of music for picture on documentaries, feature and short films, cartoons and TV shows, on top of his active work in TV and radio advertising postproduction.

DOMINIC BOLDUC – Sound Designer and Mixer
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With his diploma in musical performance and sound reinforcement at the Alma College, Dominic had the chance of participating in many projects as a musician and sound technician. However, his passion for sound design brings him to redirect himself along that path in Quebec City. He has since worked on various TV projects such as documentaries, youth shows, sitcoms and sports shows as a sound designer and editor. He joined the Studio SFX team in 2011.

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOULAY Sound Designer and Mixer
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After spending his teenage years recording bands in seedy garages and setting up sound systems for rock shows and raves, Jean-Christophe set up in Montreal to pursue his developping passion by studying and working in audio postproduction for the film and advertising businesses. After 10 years' work experience as a Sound Designer and Postproduction Technical Director in this market as well as in mixing in the Techno, House, Indie Rock and Metal music genres, he returned to his native Quebec City and joined the Studio SFX team in 2013.

DANY PÉPIN – Coordinator and Administrator
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After working for fifteen years in administration and client services for financial institutions, Dany Pépin decided to start a new career as a coordinator in media postproduction. Since 2001, she has taken up the oversight of client services, coordination and project management and administration for Studio SFX.

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Josée Tétreault started out as a coordinator in the advertising business in Montreal in 1987 with Publicite Martin. in 1994, she moves to Quebec City and joins the Cossette ad agency where she works for 15 years in many capacities, from creation coordinator to producer. In January 2011, Josée joins the Studio SFX team to work in client services and project administration.